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Summer 2020: Prelude at Home - 9 weeks

Featuring the Music Together Kazoo Collection, Canta y Baila Conmigo® Pachanga de Verano Collection, Rhythm Kids Tree Frog Collection, Guitar for Grownups, and Family Ukulele Class

June 15 - August 15

  • $250/family
  • Daily, 30-minute Facebook Live Classes in the morning and afternoon for 9 weeks
  • Unlimited access to Music Together, Canta y Baila Conmigo, New Parents with Infants classes, and Rhythm Kids Classes
  • Weekly Parent/Child Ukulele Class through Zoom
  • Weekly Guitar for Grownups Class through Zoom
  • Weekly craft and video tutorial (recommended for ages 3 and up) - Add on the Summer Craft Package and have all the materials needed for each week's summer craft delivered to your door (in the greater Houston area)
  • Weekly Parent Education Classes from our living room to yours
  • Access to a private Facebook group where all classes are streamed live daily
  • Access to the Parent Portal where all recorded classes are posted and can be viewed at a time that works best for your family
  • Scheduled video conferencing time with your teacher or any Prelude teacher you child wishes to "see"
  • Songbook and CD as well as digital access to the music through the Hello, Everybody App (extra set of materials can be purchased for $50)

For information about payment plans, please contact Margaret by sending an email to margaret@preludechild.com.



During Summer 2020,  Prelude will hold a weekly craft to promote peace and mindfulness!

Instead of searching for the necessary supplies for each project on Amazon or your local craft store, you can purchase all the materials for the summer crafts in one place! Each Summer Craft Package includes enough crafting materials for one child to participate in each week's craft.

For $25, you will receive materials for the following crafts:

Gratitude Chain

Start your Gratitude Chain by creating one or two links each day for something you a grateful for today.


Calming Jar

Make a tool to work through those big emotions, de-stress, and promote relaxation.


Loving-kindness Bubbles

Make your own bubble wands to send love and kindness to people you love.


Loving-kindness Wall

Draw pictures of people you miss and send them love, peace, and joy.


Breathing Buddy

Create a buddy to help you learn to take deep breaths.


Silly Wand

Make a ribbon wand and shake your sillies, wiggles, and anxiety away.


Worry Box

Decorate a Worry Box to store your worries away and encourage being present in the NOW.


Loving Rocks

Paint a rock for someone you love.


Musical Memories

Create a snapshot of all the musical memories you have made with your children.


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For information about pricing, payment plans, or classes please contact the Prelude staff at the front desk by sending an email to margaret@preludechild.com.


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Mon - Sun TBA Jun 15, 2020 Prelude Staff
Mon - Sun TBA Jun 15, 2020 Prelude Staff
Mon - Sun TBA Jun 15, 2020 Prelude Staff
Mon - Sun TBA Jun 15, 2020 Prelude Staff